Ever Fearless
"Beauty queen of only twenty, she
had some trouble with herself..."


A Walk to Remember (2002)


maleval fanfic be like

diaval:  let me love you my queen

maleficent:  no i’m not ready

diaval:  then i shall wait forever

me:  *cries an ocean*

(but, guys, this fic tho:  still the trees bow)

And then, in front of Maleficent’s eyes, he transformed into an enormous wolf. His fur was thick and black and long; sharp talons extended from huge paws. He was a terrifying creature. The only things that were not frightening were the wolf’s eyes, which still retained Diaval’s kindness.

Maleficent (the novelization) by Elizabeth Rudnick

Given that the novelization is entirely from Maleficent’s POV… yeah. Excuse me while I squee.

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sometimes it really sucks when the woman you’ve loved for over ten years doesn’t believe in love


It’s Maleval Week!~

Day 1// Cuddling


During the “well well” scene Maleficent was petting Diaval and…i mean…he was giggling isn’t him? He was totally loving it.

This is the reason for this fanart XD;


maleval modern!au where maleficent contacts diaval through text message


Don’t ask me how Aurora even knows what a runway super model is.

(Must have gotten into Auntie Thistlewit’s secret stash of Moor’s Most Modish issues at some point or another)

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